Nuphy air 75 vs Keychron k2

The NuPhy Air75 and Keychron K2 are both popular wireless mechanical keyboards, but they target slightly different preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose:

Key differences:

  • Layout:
    • NuPhy Air75: 75% layout (compact, excludes function key row but keeps arrow keys)
    • Keychron K2: 84% layout (includes function key row)
  • Height:
    • NuPhy Air75: Low-profile design, ideal for portability.
    • Keychron K2: Standard height, more traditional typing experience.
  • Switches:
    • NuPhy Air75: Gateron Low-profile 2.0 switches (Red, Brown, or Blue)
    • Keychron K2: More variety of switch options (Gateron, Gateron Pro, and Keychron own switches)


  • Wireless: Both offer Bluetooth and sometimes 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity (depending on the Keychron K2 version).
  • Hot-swappable switches: Both allow customization without soldering.
  • RGB backlighting: Both offer per-key RGB backlighting.
  • QMK/VIA compatibility: Both can be programmed for custom keymaps and macros.

Choosing the right one:

  • For portability and a clean look: NuPhy Air75 (75% layout, low-profile)
  • For dedicated function keys and a standard typing height: Keychron K2 (84% layout, standard height)
  • For more switch options: Keychron K2 (wider variety of switches)

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Battery life: The NuPhy Air75 generally has a longer battery life due to its lower profile.
  • Keycaps: The NuPhy Air75 typically comes with PBT keycaps (more durable) whereas the Keychron K2 might use ABS (upgrade option for PBT).
  • Price: The price can vary depending on the switch options you choose, but generally they are comparable.

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