How to Hide Apps in iPhone

Can we hide apps in iphone?

There are a few ways to hide apps on your iPhone, depending on what you want to achieve. Here are some options:

You can use folders to group apps together and make them less visible on your Home Screen.
You can use the App Library to remove apps from your Home Screen and access them from a different screen
You can hide a whole screen of apps by turning off its visibility in the edit mode.
You can delete an app if you don’t need it anymore, but this will also remove its data and settings

To discreetly tuck away specific iOS apps, gently press and hold the app icon you wish to hide. From the menu that emerges, tap “Remove App,” then select “Remove from Home Screen.”

Pressing and holding an iPhone app icon to initiate its vanishing act from the home screen.

The app icon will dissolve from view. However, note that apps eliminated from the home screen don’t entirely disappear—they remain accessible in your iPhone’s App Library and within the app search. Therefore, those veiled apps can still be accessed by directly navigating to your App Library.

Hiding an Entire Page of Apps from Your iPhone’s Home Screen If you seek to streamline your iPhone display to only exhibit frequently-used apps, you can veil an entire page of apps all at once. Here’s how:

Press and hold the Search button situated at the base of your home screen until the icons representing your apps begin to sway.

Sustaining pressure on the Search button to customize the iPhone home screen. Tap the sequence of dots located at the bottom of the screen now replacing the Search button to zoom out, revealing all your home screen pages simultaneously.

Zooming out to showcase all pages of your iOS home screen concurrently. Tap the checkbox beneath the array of apps you intend to conceal, causing the checkmark to vanish. Subsequently, tap “Done” in the upper-right corner.

Deselecting an app page to completely shroud it from view on the iPhone or iPad home screen. Henceforth, the designated page (or pages) of apps that you deselected will no longer grace your iPhone or iPad home screen. Should you reconsider, simply replicate the aforementioned steps, this time tapping the circle beneath the app page to reintroduce it onto your home screen.

This tips can be used to iphone 14 and up.

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