How to Hard Restart iPhone: Knowing the Functions and the Proper Steps

Why should you know how to hard restart iPhone? You may not expect this, but such a knowledge can be extremely handy when you encounter issues with your phone. There are actually some options before the hard reset, including performing the soft reset or forced restart. That’s why you need to know the basic facts before you do the action.

How to Hard Restart iPhone: Understanding the Action

There is another name for the hard reset: the factory reset. It refers to the action where you can restore the iPhone to the original system. There are several reasons why you want to do the hard reset. That’s why it’s advisable to really understand what it’s all about – ad whether the hard reset would be the best choice for your situation.

Hard reset will have significant impact to your device. Keep in mind that your phone stores your data, so anything you do will affect your data. You can even delete your data by accidents if you aren’t careful.

A hard reset will make your phone goes back to its original state, which means that it’s back to the factory setting. Does it mean that you will erase everything, including your data, on your iPhone? Yes, it will.

Because the phone returns to the factory settings, all of your contents and settings would be removed. It’s like having a new phone, basically.

Reasons for a Hard Reset

Why doing the hard reset, anyway? There are reasons why people choose this option.

  • You may want to sell your iPhone. This is possible when you want to have a new device and you want to make sure that your phone doesn’t store any of your existing data anymore, so the buyer won’t be able to get access to your data.
  • You want to solve some issues or problems, such as your phone constantly freezing or it has become super slow and sluggish. Sluggish device means that it has too much junk. The only way to deal with it is the hard reset.
  • You want to upgrade the phone. You simply want to remove the unimportant data and junk and have a fresh start.

How to Do It

Depending on your iPhone model, the steps may be a tad bit different. If you have iPhone 6S or even earlier model, you need to press both Power and Home buttons together, and hold it for a while. Just hold until you see Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you have iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you need to press both Sleep and Volume buttons, and then hold. Do it until you see Apple logo. If you have iPhone 8 and later version, you need to press Volume+ button and then release it quickly. After that, you must press Volume- button and then release fast. Then, press the side buttons for a while until you see Apple’s logo.

The Preparation Hard Reset iPhone

Because you will wipe off the data and everything from your phone, it’s crucial that you back it up before performing the hard reset. Once you back it up, your data is safe. You can save your data in the iCloud or iTunes.

If you want to back your data up through iCloud, you need to go to Settings, and then choose your Account. Pick iCloud, and then iCloud Backup, and then turn iCloud Backup on. Press the button for Back Up Now so you can back it up right away.

If you prefer iTunes as your backup spot, you need to connect your phone to a computer and then run the iTunes. Choose the tab Device, and then choose Summary. Pick This Computer, and then click the option for Back Up Now.

Words of Advice

Hard reset should be your last resort. Even when your phone isn’t working well or it often freezes, you should try other alternative options first. Go with the soft reset first. If the problem is minor, a soft reset should be able to resolve it.

If it fails, try force restarting. This usually works, but if the problem stays, then the hard reset is your final option. Keep in mind that a soft reset and a force restart won’t wipe the data off. Only a hard reset that can do it.


Be prepared and don’t hurry up. Take your time to do everything: back up your data, be ready for the process, and others. Knowing how to hard restart iPhone can be a handy knowledge, but only if you do it right.

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