Nuphy air 75 vs Keychron k2

The NuPhy Air75 and Keychron K2 are both popular wireless mechanical keyboards, but they target slightly different preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose: Key differences: Similarities: Choosing the right one: Here are some additional factors to consider:

How to Turn On Hotspot Iphone

How to Turn On Hotspot Iphone

In today’s interconnected world, staying connected on the go is essential. Your iPhone can be a lifeline in such situations, allowing you to share its internet connection with other devices through a feature known as the Personal Hotspot. Whether you’re in a remote location, at a cafe without Wi-Fi, or need a backup internet source, … Read more

How to Enable Carplay on iPhone

enable carplay on iphone

CarPlay is a technology developed by Apple Inc. that allows iPhone users to integrate their smartphones with the infotainment systems of their compatible vehicles. It essentially provides a way to mirror and interact with select iPhone apps and features on the vehicle’s touchscreen display. CarPlay is designed to enhance the driving experience by making it … Read more

How to Use Medical ID on iPhone

What is medical id at iPhone The Medical ID feature on an iPhone is a tool that allows users to store critical health information in one place, making it easily accessible to medical professionals or first responders in case of an emergency, even if the phone is locked. This feature is designed to provide potentially … Read more

Get to Know Is your iPhone 5G Compatible or not

Is your iPhone 5G Compatible or not

So you want to check if your iphone are 5g compatible or not? We will ask you this : are your area have been cover with 5g network? if so, then tell us what different will you get when connecting to 5g network? 🙂 What is 5g Network 5G, or fifth-generation wireless technology, is the … Read more

Complete Guide How to Clear iPhone Cache

clear iphone cache

Heres you might want to know guide how to clear iphone cache! Before we go trough, let us clarify about what is cache things. What is cache? Cache, in the context of computing and technology, refers to a hardware or software component that stores frequently accessed data in a location that allows for quicker retrieval … Read more

Does the RAM in iPhones beat Android RAM?

The ongoing and sometimes intense discussion between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android revolves around various aspects. One area of divergence between the two operating systems is their RAM (Random Access Memory) speed and effectiveness. The question arises: Is the RAM in iPhones quicker than that in Android devices? To gain a better understanding, let’s delve … Read more

How to Hide Apps in iPhone

Can we hide apps in iphone? There are a few ways to hide apps on your iPhone, depending on what you want to achieve. Here are some options: You can use folders to group apps together and make them less visible on your Home Screen.You can use the App Library to remove apps from your … Read more

How to Know What is My Phone Number iPhone

How to Know What is My Phone Number iPhone

On an iPhone, you can easily find out your phone number by following these steps: Keep in mind that the exact steps and wording might vary slightly depending on your iOS version and any potential customizations made to your device. But generally, these steps should guide you to finding your phone number on an iPhone. … Read more